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In a globalized international scenario in which emerging economies compete for new markets, economic policies seek to attract new investments and capital moves with incredible speed, competitiveness has become password. The new economic environment in which Brazil is part generates different impacts for producers, traders and distributors operating in the country.

Sulexport® exists to innovate and create solutions integrated in international trade can significantly improve the profitability of operations, financial viability and distribution logistics of goods and merchandise. Its portfolio of services provides solutions that reflect the mission of Sulexport®, provide an excellent service to its customers. A service of excellence is to go beyond customer expectations is to listen, learn, evaluate, refine and implement with determination and commitment. Our head office is located in the city of Horizontina, where we have operated for 10 years in this market.


The Sulexport® performs all import or export processes on behalf of your company, so you do not have extra or duplicated costs and do not need to invest in hiring a team specialized in foreign trade. Know the main stages of our process:

Enable the Radar

Skills necessary to physical and legal entities operating in foreign trade.

Documentation of import/export

Issuance and verification of necessary documents on import and export processes, such as Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Bill of Lading, Air Waybill, etc.

Registration of DI/DSI/CI/DE/DSE/CE/RE

Records necessary for your product to be imported or exported.

Brazilian governmental consents

(Decex, Inmetro, Anvisa, Map ..): Routing and accompanying certifications, licenses, records and other documentation required for import and export processes.

Search for suppliers/customers

Search for new suppliers and customers for their products.

Special processes

Monitoring of processes such as shipping, RECOF, Blue Line, Temporary Admission and other special customs regimes and/or atypical.

National and international transport Hiring

Air transport hiring, sea and / or road from the origin to the destination chosen.

Customs Clearance

Procedures for checking the accuracy and compatibility of imported or exported goods and documents.

Feasibility analysis

Full and detailed study to check the feasibility of performing an import or export process.

Changes in the product source

Direct negotiation with the exporter regarding product packaging, documentation, shipping locations, among others.

Merchandise Shipment

For freight via modal most appropriate to your product so that it will safely and reduce costs and deadlines.

Tax, accounting, administrative and archival records

Any record required for the movement of your product and your clear knowledge of every step of its operations.

Payment / Contract / Exchange Settlement

Aid in cases relating to the payment of their processes via authorized banks.

Tax classification

Classification required by the government to tax and operational purposes.


Hiring national and international insurance for your merchandise.

Process Closure

Completion of its proceedings with the delivery of all supporting financial documentation and tax operation.

Sulexport® England

Our address in England

1, Gondar Mansions, Mill Lane, NW6 1NU, London.

where are we

Our address in Brazil: Street Bento Gonçalves, nº 323, Room 02.


+55 55 3537-3678

Street Bento Gonçalves, nº 323, Room 02, Downtown.

Horizontina/RS - Brazil

Zip Code: 98920-000

+55 55 3537-3678

Street Bento Gonçalves, nº 323, Room 02, Downtown.

Horizontina/RS - Brazil

Zip Code: 98920-000